FAQ - Insurance Claims/Cards

Insurance Claims

How do I file a claim?

Complete details on filing a claim.

My claim was denied, and I want to know why. Where can I get more information?

Because claims are processed by United Healthcare, you must contact them for final explanations of payment/denial.

Insurance Cards

Will I be sent an insurance card from United Healthcare?

Students are not sent an insurance card automatically. Complete details and how to print your insurance card.

How long is the insurance card valid?

The card is valid for the length of the academic year. Each fall semester you will need to print out a new card.

I want to print my card, but the website isn't recognizing me/is saying I don't have coverage!

The large majority of these cases come during the enrollment/change period at the beginning of each semester. In order to access your account, print your card, or update your coverage to include the current semester during an enrollment/change period, you must FIRST fill out the enrollment form.