FAQ - Basics

What is Student Health Insurance?

Student Health Insurance is the major medical insurance coverage offered to students and their dependents by the University of Illinois.

Where can I use the student insurance? Does my provider have to be in-network?

Your Student Health Insurance coverage is worldwide. You can access your insurance plan anywhere, whether or not you're on campus. That said, some providers are contracted with United Healthcare, which means they will bill a discounted rate for services. Find out if your provider is in-network

How much does it cost?

Current academic year fees

What kind of care does it cover?

Student Insurance is a comprehensive, major medical plan. Coverage includes inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care; preventive services not provided by McKinley Health Center, mental illness-related services, durable medical equipment (DME) and prescription drug coverage.

How do I update my personal information/change my mailing address?

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How does student health insurance work?

Students registered for non-zero credit hours in a manner such that they are assessed on-campus fees, they will be assessed the UIUC Student Insurance fee. This will take place during the enrollment/change period, which spans roughly the first six weeks of each semester. The student can begin utilizing their insurance coverage as soon as that fee has been assessed. Opting out of coverage.

Why do I need student health insurance?

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees requires all students to have health insurance in order to offset the potential costs of health care.

How long does coverage last?

How do I use my student health insurance?

When a student visits a health care provider, they will show their insurance ID card, which the provider will use to bill the student insurance. After the insurance has been billed, the student will receive an explanation of the coverage that was provided by United Healthcare, as well as a bill for the remaining amount for which the student is responsible.

To save money while using your student insurance, take a look at the Where for Care document from UHCSR.

What is the difference between Student Health Insurance and McKinley Health Center?

Although the Student Health Insurance office is located within the McKinley Health Center building, they are entirely separate and distinct organizations. McKinley Health Center is the on-campus health center that provides a vast number of services including acute care, women's health, immunizations/vaccines, mental health services, primary care, and many others.  

Students cannot waive the McKinley Health Services Fee. 

UIUC Student Health Insurance provides coverage for services outside of McKinley Health Center.